Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Official Photos⇩⇩⇩

all photo by Takuya Matsumi
courtesy of Kyoto Experiment

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Thursday, 8 June 2017


  designed by Kazuki Takakura

premier 2016. 11. 11-13 at Kyoto Art Center
presented by Kyoto Experiment

Original text Manuela Infante
Direction Chiharu Shinoda
Dramaturge, translation, subtitles Kako Kishimoto (Multilingual Performance Theater Company Utsubo)

Cast Kan Fukuhara (Hanchu-Yuei), Mika Masuda, Yamuna Bambi Valenta, Doji Shigeyama

Art direction Kazuki Takakura (Hanchu-Yuei)
Video God Scorpion (Psychic VR Lab)
Lighting design Ryoya Fudetani
Sound Bunsho Nishikawa
Production coordinator Eri Shibata
Stage manager Shuji Hamamura
Assistant director Mayu Otaki, Kyoko Yamasaki

Supported by Saison Foundation

The audience has assembled to witness the strangest animal of them all, the Human Being. One Human Being is inside of a cage, strapped into a VR headset. Two more Human Beings are guides, leading the audience through the exhibition. The performance begins with an explanation of the human body, and then the guides introduce one aspect of humanity after another: there are humans in motion, humans with roles to perform, humans mimicking other humans, and humans that communicate. As this takes place, the border breaks down between the human observers and the humans being observed.

The real and the artificial blend and clash in a space containing artificial grass, real potted trees, 3D scans of real roads on sheathes of paper, monitors displaying a feed of virtual reality images, and subtitles that are themselves a work of video art. On a stroll through the Human Zoo, audience members feed the Human Beings, take pictures of them, and move back and forth across the unstable boundary between fiction and reality.


人工芝、本物の植木、実際の道をスキャンした3Dデータが印刷されたロール紙、 モニターに映されたVR画面の映像と、字幕としての映像、などが入り混じり、観客はヒトに餌を あげたり、写真を撮影したり、現実と虚構を揺れ動きながら人間動物園を散策する。

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